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dream: fight nazis. tearful assistant - LJ of EarthFur (aka EarthFurst)
September 16th, 2011
01:11 am


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dream: fight nazis. tearful assistant
Woke in middle of night from emotional dream and want to write what I can remember.

Was a fighting-Nazis dream. At one point a Sherlock Holmes type is in a jail cell (which he escapes from), he figured out the map he found is a forgery, and then we zoom in on the map and a train (with a lumberjack on top?) appears, we zoom in on the front of the train and the logo on the front of the train disappears and is replaced by a Nazi swastika.

I think there was a brief part of dream where there are two Nazis, and I think one is proud that their writing device prints three pages at a time (due to carbon paper???) and the 2nd Nazi yells at the 1st nazi saying something like "You fool! Our most worthy adversary Captain Wonderhammer can somehow print 71 pages at a time."
(Not sure about the name of the main hero .. just making a wild guess there)

Nazi-fighting team are about, one of them says something reassuring to the a young (20ish?) woman ("It's not your fault" ?).
I think the young women wanders off. It is revealed a main member of team (captain?) is missing and she wanders off and gets weepy because she's feel guilty. She said something harsh to the Captain (perhaps "I'm tired of that stupid machine and I'm tired of you"), but the captain got separated from the team (machine gets washed overboard and he goes after it?)

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