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earthfur's Journal

LJ of EarthFur (aka EarthFurst)
I am me. *offers hugs*.

The lists below do NOT include everything or everyone.

A) About my user pics:
* made userpic with http://www.comicbookDB.com URL because I think they're the best comic database with a nice forum for comicbookDB discussion (I dislike how another comic database only communicates by email)
* I made two anti-Emerson userpics,
** I was encouraging people to use my first anti-Emerson userpic, but the website (RealDemocracy.ca) is down (first noticed site down on 2006Nov9)
* Under The Volcano logo is from U.T.V. Festival (Festival of Art and Social Change) http://users.resist.ca/~volcano/ . My only connection to UTVolcano fest is as a fan.

B) links I will try to re-visit
b1) *tntluoma.com/sidebars/codes/
* or unicode directed double quotes
** ALT + 0147 = “
** ALT + 0148 = ”

* inkstuds , onomatopoeiagrl
* Fork 'n Spoon Mail Order: rabbitfodder (was named Pleasant Unicorn distro and was at whammyindustries.com diystore.cjb.net and retrobugs.com/forknspoon )
* Unbound Books : unbound_books on hiatus as of 2006 (was at unboundbooks.org )

b3) others oh who am i kidding, now using strikethrough because i check these about once a year:
* firefighterfurs * fursthatcook
* lee_wah , vannsplace
* blackmuzzle , railo , cricket_fur , kangaroopawz * bucky_boy , diddywolf , evandorkin, hastka , iceleron , jakebe , miktar , slinky_treecat , leopanthera , orion_darkpaw , randafur , roo3k , sabbysteg , snowfox , swiftpawfoxie , teekachu , kurreltheraven (previously wanbuliao) , weasely

< lj user=" example ">

secondary interest list: evan dorkin, free comic book day, slave labor graphics
activism, associated student bodies, comicbookdb.com, comixpedia, community promoting, community promotions, consolidated (the band), fred forgetrealityenjoydrinking (weekly social), fur-piled, furries, furry comics, infobits, linux, meetups, queer libraries, slave labor comics, snuggling, surface, vegetarianism, volunteering, zed, zed (television), zine guide, zines